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It is now official that Google strongly is thinking about Structured data rich snippets, that is why we made 3 part videos showing you what microdata is and how to use it. Check it out here

Google and Importance of Backlinks

Backlinks are still important for Google to work out content relevance and keyword ranking. Here’s a video from Google Webmaster Help channel on YouTube which confirms this:

I have made a post which explains why backlinks are important, don’t forget to read through it because it is better to know why you do what you do for Google & search engine optimization for your website, visit to find more about backlinks here: how backlinks help for SEO

And let me also share a proven backlink gathering technique with you the webmaster, visit: video marketing for backlinks

Backlinks are important and will continue to be important as confirmed by Google’s spokesperson “Matt Cutts” thus, simply make backlinking part of what you do for your Google rankings (perhaps, an hour per week) and watch what happens to your keyword ranking;

Guest blogging for SEO purposes? Not a smart idea at all, here’s a video to learn more about it

What Does Google Have in Common with Smoke Alarms?
RIP Google Keyword Tool May Google Bless Your Helpful Data

Yes, another quick hand trick from Google, I don’t know, I am beginning to think they are either getting more greedy, or making every webmaster or online marketer confused. Why discontinue a better keyword research tool, and replace it with Keyword Planner tool which has less options and clearly designed for making more money for Google?

Who knows with Google right; here’s a link to learn “How To Use Keyword Planner For Keyword Research" or if you like to watch and learn, meaning you are a visual learner, then here’s a YouTube Video that teaches you more about the Keyword Planner and how to use it.

There are many ways you can conduct keyword research, and I feel that many search engine optimizers will look for other tools or methods for finding important keywords to target (for example: most online marketers have no clue about how to find important information using Google advanced search operators) but the information is out there in the internet realm, one just has to look at the right places like your competitors or other websites in your industry is a start.

Google conversion optimizer???

Google conversion optimizer???

Google Related Search Option has Disappeared March 2013

I can’t understand why Google would make such an useful tool not available for webmasters who relied heavily on Google related searches option.

Just when I started on my new video tutorial on SEO, to my surprise this option is gone from Google

Search Tools > All Results > Related Searches

To those who want to master better ways, I’m about to reveal proven methods which will help you find those related search terms. Check back soon, in the meanwhile head out to my Slideshare profile here: or my blog located at as I have updated them with very useful information

You can keep an eye out on this news at

No 1 SEO Expert in Australia

We have achieved a milestone in our ranking goals, we are now ranked number one in Google Australia for search term “seo specialist

Now that we are there before new year, let me share one of the search engine optimization techniques you can use right now, as a present.

What does above the fold mean? You know that Google ranking factors talks about de-ranking websites who present content with no value to the user, above the fold. But what does that mean? Above the fold. How do you determine that fold line? What measurement is it based on?

Well one thing it is based on, is, is screen resolution (monitor resolution of mostly used computer monitors (search,  highest used around the world

Therefore when you build your website and want to see Google rankings, then, your screen resolution are those dimensions, for example: January 2012 —- 85% had higher than 1024x768 —- therefore, you place as much as user focused content and also your most important keywords within that above the fold line —- which in our case in 2012 (but if you are reading this later than that time, then your 201? may have changed) — once again, above the fold line for us is = 768px

Furthermore, if you are running ads on those above the fold line, then make sure you move them to the sidebar instead (or else your Google rankings may drop)

Once again, you can always go an check out my main website (look at the source code, then look around the site as a whole) since studying this knowledgeable website can reveal many insights, so that you can also achieve high Google rankings for any highly competitive keywords, and do so achieve it in extremely short period of time. In our case, all the important keywords mostly are on number one position, and some are still climbing up the ladder from fourth and fifth, but all them are achieved within 2 month bit of work.

Time to say, good night, read my other posts to learn more about search engine optimisation, till then, be well.

Search Engine Optimisation Tricks That’s Really Going to Help Your Google Rankings

Did you ever get stuck at number two, or three position when implementing search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns?

Or have you ever wondered why Wikipedia keeps showing up for keywords that you search Google for?

Don’t worry, because in the next ten minutes you will learn a seo trick which (if you are not an seo specialist) most SEO’s don’t know about. As I have said through out my blog posts on tumblr, that I will share with you, potent seo information which when you implement it, your rankings will benefit, and not only that, your competition simply won’t be able to out rank your keywords.

So, let’s get right in to it, you should know what backlinks are all about, because there are millions of articles about how to gather backlinks for seo etc. But what most people don’t realize is the fact, as much as backlinks are important (even after Panda and Penguin and all the monkeys Google keeps flashing without many people knowing about it) out linking is also very very important. Have you heard that seo term before?

If not, head out to this blog post and learn what others cannot teach you, here’s the link for it > Is Your Website Dead End Street by

I hope you will find the seo information useful and informative.

Nice read on Google being a business for itself

Melbourne man has done what many people think is not possible to achieve. Go head to head with Google and win.

Can You See It Yet? Google’s Algo Change?

I don’t know if you can see it yet, but Google has changed their algo’s yet, again, without letting the masses know about it. You may be aware that recently Google has swept the SeO world by introducing new tool called Google disavow tool but due to this smoke screen, they actually implemented new changes to their ranking factors.

How can you stay ahead and really be good at achieving top Google rankings?

Easy, first, do not listen to everything that comes from Google public relations guys (especially matt cutts) remember, they are in a business just like you, in fact, for them to stay ahead in this online marketing field, they must try their best, also remember, Google Free Keyword tool isn’t designed for you, it’s designed for Google to get you to pay them for advertising.

Second, remember, as long as you listen to all those so called seo pexperts, you will always be wondering, what they wonder (high rankings) surely, as you are reading this, you got the seo all worked out, you chose some keywords, created you on page seo elements, gathered some backlinks with those keywords as hyperlinks. And whoa-la you rank high in Google? But didn’t everyone else, and finding loop holes in Google algo’s makes Google take measures so that they have the upper hand on you. But since you have taken me seriously, it’s only fair that I give you information that others cannot. So listen up carefully, diversify your backlink profile, do not use the same anchor text for your important keywords, instead, utilize synonyms to find different variations of the keyword you are targeting

Come back here often, I will give you SEO information which will make your jaws drop in awe. Let me show you. Google specialist and another one Affordable seo services and one more just for you Seo specialist

No need to talk a good game, all the top google ranking above is achieved with 3 month, check back after new year and see why reading through my tumblr blog on search engine optimisation will make you a better search optimizer. Because just like I have already shared with you that knowledge is shared experienced, but, knowledge doesn’t necessarily translate into understanding, therefore, if you truly want to understand search engine optimisation, then reading through insights I shared here will help you. You can also browse through this website which is also related to seo field remember, you are always welcomed to ask me anything about this field, I’m more than happy to answer it if I can. Thank you for your visit, why not follow me on Tumblr

The Good, The Bad & The Google Disavow Tool

Google has once again has created storms in the world of SEO’s by launching a new tool called “Google Disavow Tool” and what it does is, it allows webmasters to log into their webmasters tool, and create a list of backlinks which they deem as spam, and submit it to Google for removal. Now, some SEO’s will say “this is great news” and while others will say “oh oh, Google just put us out of business”

But it is already clear that the average website owners (especially those who run their own seo campaigns) will be hardest hit. Because most of those who manage their own seo projects will not have the expertise in determining which links actually are bad for their Google rankings. Google says they made this tool available, due to demand risen because of  Penguin cries of website owners who have, without doing their homework and chosen to go with cheap seo services, or chosen to go with seo services who claimed to know the game, yet, didn’t follow  guidelines set by Google and participated in spammy backlinks (if you want to avoid such practices in the future then read this as well link schemes

I personally think it is a good tool, as it will allow us seo service providers who follow the ethical ways of implementing search engine optimisation for website owners. But there will be many different thoughts within the SEO community as to the usefulness of it.

I just already feel sorry for those who think they know SEO (yet, have no clue) to start playing with this new Disavow tool. Because that to me is like giving a loaded gun to a child, saying this is your new tool. Furthermore, whichever website owner I have spoken to date, have all said to me “I know seo”

This story requires enlightenment, and it goes something like this:

I was in a computer swap meet, and this elderly chap who had a stall, started to sales talk me about the laptops he had. To cut to story short “he asked what I did as work” and I politely answered “I provide seo services" and he said "Oh I have a website, I know what SEO is" anyway, I just said that’s great. About a month later, when I was enrolled in a short course, the lecturer (who also happen to have a website) asked me the same thing, and I said “I’m an seo specialist” and you know what he said “Oh I know what that is, keywords and backlinks right?”

I felt like saying: wow, I must be a f&**!ng idiot given my entire 3 years testing Google ranking factors alone, not to mention, learning computer programming, internet protocol, web development, machine learning concepts for another 3 years. So you see, I already know what this new tool ‘disavow’ will do.

Perhaps it’s just the ignorance of others who will get them in trouble, because Google warns every webmaster that they should use it ONLY if they know what they are doing, and if they have no clue on ranking factors and they are also unsure as to “how to use Google disavow tool” then they shouldn’t use it, because as soon as you submit your text file containing the URL’s of bad links, and as soon as that trigger called the mouse button is clicked, then there is no turning back.